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Tori's Crown & Glory
Tori's Crown & Glory

Tori's Crown & Glory Virgin Hair Extensions and Wigs are 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Extensions that have never undergone any processes of bleaching, blow drying, coloring, perming, chemical processes or exposure to any harsh environments or elements. 


At Tori's Crown & Glory, our virgin hair has to meet a set of high quality assurance standards before they are available for purchase. Our rigorous virgin hair checking system ensures that all of our hairs are virgin with no fillers and all of our bundles have one directional follicles and are from one donor.


We have a variety of virgin hair textures and we can assure you that our hair is the best on the market. If you are looking to experience high quality Brazilian Mink Hair, Tori's Crown & Glory is for you.  

Tori's Crown & Glory
Tori's Crown & Glory

Who says that you can't look and feel beautiful while going through the hustle and bustle of your daily routine? 


We are exactly like you! Some of us are out daily in the hustle and bustle to take care of our families, we are building our empires, in school, raising children and taking care of our loved ones! Sometimes we must take a step back and take care of OURSELVES! Who doesn’t enjoy a luxurious experience while keeping within budget? Every woman has that special something that adds to her crown. Allow Tori’s Crown & Glory 9A 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Mink Hair Extensions to take you from beautiful to Phenomenal! Outer beauty doesn’t define a woman, but Tori’s Crown & Glory will defiantly enhance your beauty within.

Tori's Crown & Glory
Tori's Crown & Glory

In 2017, Victoria Wilson, a nurse committed to treating patients and helping women worldwide discover their overall beauty founded Tori's Crown & Glory. While assisting patients, Victoria realized that the gift God handed her was more than a job, it would become her mission in life. After witnessing her father deal with the adverse effects of chemotherapy, Victoria started paying close attention to other patients and noticed that there were not enough smiles or words of encouragement that could uplift their spirits when they looked in the mirror and found themselves unrecognizable. Being that she had seen this look on her own father's face, Victoria became inspired to change their reflections in the mirror. 

After year's of doing extensive research to find the right hair extensions that would not aggravate the crown's of patients dealing with hair loss, Tori's Crown & Glory was birthed. Today, Victoria is still on her mission to enhance the beauty and lives of others and by supporting Tori's Crown & Glory, you will be doing the same. Proceeds from all sells benefits the boarding care for patients. 

If you would like to find out more information on how you can support Tori's Boarding Care, please contact us HERE.

Tori's Crown & Glory
Crowned Beautifully

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